domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Sígueme - del anime Beck

Una interesante canción, que se utilizó en la Serie Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad.

¿Qué es lo interesante? Que tiene ese sentimiento de canciones de antes, de una época donde todo era mejor y más feliz. Júzguenlo ustedes

Lyrics: Hidakatororu | Music : Beat Crusaders

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Baby, I Won't Let You Leave If You Believe In Me
And I Always Set You Free From All Those Yesteryears
But You Don't Know How Much
I Got Believe In You

I Was Staring At Your Shoulder Shivering
In Such A Coldest Summer Breeze
Meanwhile I Wonder Why We're Here
Look For The Line Between Love And Friends
We'll Be Twisting Ourselves Again

I Was Standing At The Corner On The Street
Watching The Wheels Are Turning Free
Waiting to Back Up On My Feet
Reading A Line Between Night And Day
I'll Be Twisting Myself Again

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